Teach Your Dog To Sit With This Simple Guide

teaching your new puppy or dog to sit

You must begin to show a small dog, bite-sized treats. The best way to show keeps treats in front of their eyes. Then you have to sit while the hand moves over his eyes. You have to put the treat in front of your eyes, and then say the dog’s name followed by the words “sit”. For best results, you read the name of the dog firmly and clearly.

When the dog sits, you should treat you and praise. You should avoid petting him the same praise it. This is to prevent the dog to stand up if you want to sit down.

If the dog does not react when you tell him to sit down, I have to be physically located in a sitting position. Here you should put your left hand under her tail and behind the knees. Next, you place your right hand on his chest and put it in one sitting. At least, you must wait five seconds, and then give him a treat.

For the dog before you have to repeat the process at least five times a day. When the dog is sitting regularly When you give an order, you should gradually increase the time I was sitting. For example, you must allow the dog to sit up to 10 seconds before giving treatment.

In addition to giving a voice command, it is also desirable to include a visual command. For example, you have to take your hand, palm up. Then, slowly lower and say “sit”. You should continue to dog training and eventually eliminate the voice command. When I order should be subject to visual praise and treat.

For a dog to learn verbally scold easily avoided. You should avoid punishing him and when I do not do what you expect. Keep in mind that dogs react to negative training. When scolded or punished you, you end up making it the fear of ESTA, which will make it more difficult for you to exercise.

Always be positive in their work and to ensure that the dog does meeting even for a short period. For a dog calm, reasonable, you train in the occupied areas.